About DIA

The DIA promotes internationalization on campus and acts as a hub for all international students' assistance, advice, and information. The Directorate of International Affairs also supports student mobility from and to Integral University.

For the students to succeed in the business world and the field of technology, the curriculum places a lot of emphasis on personal development and the creation of useful products. These are firmly backed by a team of accomplished faculty that are highly skilled and trained, as well as by a strong academic infrastructure.

Student Support Services

  • Greeting and assisting international students on campus, from picking them up at the Lucknow Airport to settling them within the university.
  • Act as a point of contact between the sponsoring scholarship board and the international students. To address the grievances of foreign students
  • Single contact point for Foreign Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) registration and Visa concerns
  • To provide the international students with the maximum assistance possible in order to help them adjust to the new cultural environment and enjoy their stay in India.
  • To inform potential international students about the services offered by the government and to help students obtain study visas, among other things.

University with students from several countries