Visa Application Guidelines
An international student must get an Indian Student Visa in order to enroll in classes in India
Candidates can apply for visas in person or online at the Indian High Commission located in the nation from where they are travelling to India
When applying for a visa, applicants must include the name of the university or college; this information is subsequently included on the visa.
International students applying to Integral University should confirm that the visa granting agency has validated the student visa to Integral University.
It is also your obligation to make sure that you immediately join and report to the University if you entered India using the University's papers. The university-endorsed visa or the visa obtained using university-issued documentation cannot be utilized for any other purpose or for admission to any other university or college. Students must submit a copy of their valid visa for verification by the institution when they arrive and have their visas checked.
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have a valid visa for the duration of their study time.
Students should apply for a visa extension before their current visa expires if their initial visa is not endorsed for the entire term of the course or if they need to prolong their stay because they cannot finish the course in the allotted period.
It is the student's obligation to make sure the visa application is submitted on time and in full. It is advised to apply for the visa in accordance with the timeline and, if necessary, to contact the Indian High Commission or Embassy.

Please refer to this link from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, for your queries related to obtaining a student visa for India. /files/2022-07/student_visa_faq.pdf.

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