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Master of Architecture

  • Duration: 2 Yrs
  • Level: Post Graduate

Master of Architecture is a course under this course an architect gets specialized and holds a great deal of responsibility with an opportunity for earning potential and ability for advancement to increase exponentially. The most successful student will possess a comprehensive amalgam of skill sets, including- development of Green building concept, Low cost Construction techniques, Energy efficient building, Sustainable design approach, data analysis, communication skill and many more. The student will learn the ability to create buildings and designs that are both ergonomic and attractive, as well as complementary to the existing surrounding architecture, particularly in instances of urban design, blending form with function development, ability to grasp certain core elements, a keen sense of spatial relations is necessary in order to conceptualize and mastermind the working parts. A graduate will be able to deal with projects like- Landscape Design, Conservation, Urban Design, commercial, residential, etc.

Bachelor of Design

  • Duration: 4 Yrs
  • Level: Under Graduate

Bachelor of Design is an established degree in design field at undergraduate level. B.Des degree is a four-year course offered in various specializations such as Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Accessory Designing, Textile Designing and much more. Over the years, the BDes degree has evolved and now offered in various design specialisations such as Graphic Designing, Multimedia Designing, VFX Design, Visual Communication, and Game Designing. This broadens the scope of BDesign degree with career options, opportunities in various industries as well as new technology learning. The course curriculum comprises of CAD, CAM, product development, marketing, specialisation specific subjects, vocational subjects, elective subjects as well as personality and skills development subjects. Students who pursue B.Des course get exposure of the design industry with internships, events, exhibitions at national as well as international level.

Bachelor of Architecture

  • Duration: 4+1 yrs
  • Level: Under Graduate

Bachelor of Architecture or B. Arch as it is popularly called is an undergraduate degree and a 5-year program, in the field of architecture. This course combines theory and practice and equips students to gain knowledge in the planning, designing and construction of different kinds of physical structures

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