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Master of Law - International Law

  • Duration: 1 yr
  • Level: Post Graduate

We offer LL.M. program which can be pursued after Graduation in Law. In an increasingly globalised world, the subjects provided are vibrant and fast-moving area of law. Subjects offered in LL.M, offer the opportunity to study across a wide range of modules in the areas of different fields of law. Students will learn about the foundations of the legal system, and will be able to examine theoretical perspectives and the practice of its institutions and processes, while specializing in particular areas. Students have to submit their Dissertation in the partial fulfillment to achieve LL.M. Degree.

Bachelor of Law

  • Duration: 3 yrs
  • Level: Under Graduate

Success of Law Schools and Law Colleges rests on their ability to bring out the excellence in their law students by nurturing their attitude to become smart, honest and committed lawyers. Law, being a normative science leans more towards social science and hence, it eludes scientific precision and objectivity. In this scenario, competence in teaching is inevitable. At present, the main objective of the legal study is limited to the Bench and Bar. Hence the Faculty of Law provides quality and career oriented education to young minds. I welcome the budding lawyers to this great por tal of excellence. Your enthusiasm and discipline would add much colour, vibrancy and skills to the department and the University as a whole. The Faculty of Law in turn would dig deep into the souls of the budding law students, informing, shaping and moulding them into great legal professionals.

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Law

  • Duration: 5 yrs
  • Level: Under Graduate

It provides an expert knowledge of the Indian Legal System in a comprehensive way. The program focuses on theoretical knowledge as well as the clinical education. With a solid foundation of core subjects such as Business Law, Constitutional Law, Code of Civil Procedure, Election Law, Political Science, Drafting & Pleading, Economics, History etc., B.A.LL.B. Promises a lucrative career both financially and socially. It helps students to enhance various skills such as research aptitude, complex reasoning, analytical skills etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Bachelor of Law

  • Duration: 5 yrs
  • Level: Under Graduate

B.B.A.LL.B. is an integrated undergraduate program of five years focused on the study of commerce & business administration along with the in-depth study of law & legislature. The significant thing about B.B.A.LL.B. Program is that it creates ample opportunities for its aspirants in corporate world. According to the area of interest and career objective, students can easily switch their roles. Case studies, guest lectures, and industrial visits included in the program impart valuable insights into the functioning of corporate law in the business world. it not only enhances their skill on the aspects of governance and policies but also well equips them with various managerial aspects.

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